What is a Sales Funnel and Why do You Need one 2 ?

Do you ever wonder how businesses make consistent sales?

If you’ve ever tried to sell anything, then you know how hard it can be. You might make a sale, but getting to the point where you can generate regular revenue is tough.


  1. Finding A Product To Sell
  2. Planning To Make $1,000 Profit
  3. Prototyping, Packaging And Promotion Planning
  4. Setting Up For Marketing Success
  5. Building A New Shopify Store

Successful businesses don’t just make sales here and there. They make sales consistently and with high enough volume that they can comfortably hire full time employees. They know that despite having regular expenses, they are going to be profitable.
So how do they do it?

The key to making consistent sales is a sales funnels.

In this article, I’ll talk about what sales funnels are, the stages of a sales funnel and examples of how businesses use sales funnels to achieve consistent growth and predictable revenue.

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1. Sales Funnels Defined

So what exactly is a sales funnel?

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A sales funnel is a step-by-step process that allows you to bring your potential customer one step closer to your offer and a buying decision through a series of marketing actions like automated emails, videos, articles and landing pages that will do the selling for you.

Think of sales funnels as a virtual salesperson that works 24/7, 365 days a year without complaining or asking for more money.

Sales funnels are everywhere, even if you don’t realize it. Let’s take a look at Starbucks, for example…

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The sales funnel for Starbucks might start when you see a piece of their marketing somewhere. You may be driving home one day and you see a Starbucks billboard. Seeing a company’s branding lets potential customers start getting familiar with the brand.

At home, when you are watching television in the evening, you might see a Starbucks commercial on TV. The commercial might show you how the coffee is made. It could also show people enjoying the coffee and being more productive at work.

The next morning, as you are going to work, you walk by a Starbucks and someone hands you a flyer advertising a “buy one, get one free coffee” special.

You decide to go inside and order Starbucks coffee for the first time. The person at the checkout counter asks you if you want a cookie with your order. Their cookies look tasty so you say “yes”.

  • Free online course
    They also provide a free online course on how to start your own startup with multiple videos.
  • YouTube channel
    YC also has a YouTube channel with video content that has attracted over 147,000 followers.

They give you your cookie and two coffees. They put a sticker on the second coffee saying “for your favorite co-worker”.

While most ordinary folks might not realize it, they are purchasing products or services because of sales funnels. Sales funnels are used to sell everything including information products, services and physical products that you see every day.

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2. Two options to grow your business

When deciding to grow a business, many people struggle with how to market their business. Most aspiring business owners have two options…

#1 – Continue to rely on “hope marketing”. Hope marketing means waiting around for referrals and word of mouth.

Or going to networking events and talking to random people in the hopes that you will meet a potential customer.

Basically, businesses that take this approach sit around and “hope” that business comes their way.

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  • Find One Problem
  • Evolution, Not A Revolution
  • Expect Failure
  • Communicate The Wins
  • Don’t Call It A Growth Team

#2 – Take the time to actually build a system that attracts the right leads and turns them into paying customers.

Winning companies have figured out how to acquire customer at profit and scale. The best way to do that is through a sales funnel.

Businesses that take this approach identify their target customer. They figure out where and how to reach them.

These businesses also have a plan for cultivating these leads and turning them into paying customers.

They might also have a plan to get them to buy more products or services and to systematically refer even more leads.

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What is a relationship funnel?

What is a relationship funnel?

3. Understanding the Phases of a Sales Funnel

Finally, the Upsell Stage is where businesses can make more money by selling additional related products or services to their customers. McDonalds grew into a multi-billion dollar company by simply asking their customers “Would you like fries with that?” after they purchased a burger.

Asides from generating more revenue for your business, upselling can also improve the customer experience. Some people purchasing a ticket to your live conference might be willing and even wanting to pay more to consult with you directly

When designing your upsells, think about what other products or services that your customers might want. Can you upsell a more expensive product or service that can help them even more? Or can you cross sell them a similar product or service that they might be interested in?

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Sales Funnels Are All About Relationships

Ultimately, a well designed sales funnel focuses on building relationships. Building a strong relationship is the key to success.

Having a relationship building mindset will allow you to provide more value for your customers and therefore drive more growth to your business over the long term.

At Wild Audience, we use what I call a Relationship Funnel that improves upon the sales funnel process by focusing on building the relationship and providing value to our audience.

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We talk about the problem that our product or service is solving to get the attention of our reader.

We also want to build brand awareness in this stage and let our audience become familiar with our business and what we do. Our goal at this stage might be simply to get new visitors to opt into our email list so that we can keep in touch with them.

At Wild Audience, we even segment our list so that we can send customized content to readers based on interests

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If you want to supercharge your website sales, then you might want to check out what a Relationship Funnel is right now. It’s a sales funnel on steroids that can help you acquire customers at profit and scale.

If you are a fast mover, you can buy our super affordable mini online course that walks you through the exact sales funnel that multi-million dollar companies use.

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Hope you enjoyed this article and happy automated and predictable selling!



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