SAAS Product Studio for Startups - UX DEV and more

What if you had a full SAAS product team focused on your users?

We create high quality software that evolves quickly


Learn fast. Because you don't have anyone in-house to think of an innovative user experience, and are aware that the stake of an online software is now lies in UX.

Taking market share is no longer a technical issue, but a user experience issue. Your uniqueness must be based on a quality of experience that differentiates you in your core market.

The new competitive advantage is your learning speed.

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Secure your product. Because your team has not yet been able to recruit or retain technical resources in time, and you would like to have a full team without time risk.

Your online software is the key to have a scalable model on your market, to be able to seduce and convince your funders.

HIGHLIGHT designs and strengthens your software product investment, as your strategic asset.

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Unique Methodology

You move fast. Our unique HIGHSAAS® methodology harmonizes issues and roles to align on the common goal. HIGHSAAS® allows us to have results above the standards in terms of quality and speed in the world of online software creation.

Scalable by design

You move forward serenely. You can’t imagine how fast you'll grow. You need your technologies and software to grow while you meet and exceed your goals.


On average, the cost of a technological debt three years after making the wrong technical choices upstream.

Agile by design

You are flexible. Your goal is not to do everything, but to do it in a great way so you can position yourself on the market and be able to pivot, while staying focused on your core business.

Lean by design

You are efficient. We have a Lean and realistic approach, we do not promise you the moon, but the attainable. With our methodology you will save about 30% on costs, while strongly increasing the final quality. You will optimize your product budget.


30% less cost for a better final quality


SAAS Ideation

We accompany you from the idea, to its maturing into a project, and its launch into a minimum viable product. We stay together during the continuous evolution of your online software.

UX design & SAAS ergonomics

We bring to startups the methods to design online software that really meet the needs of the user. We translate complex business specificities into simple functionalities. We test with your users and yourself before developing your SAAS.

SAAS Development

We want to create a SAAS that the end user will love. Each development phase is followed with a high level of quality.

SAAS Audit & Consulting

We can audit your product team and your SAAS at 360 degrees, to get either an external view of your complete product or a more focused one on a specific vertical.

We advise you on your SAAS product strategy and vision.


They trusted us:

End-to-end learning management platform to automate the sale of digital courses, 450 millions courses sold to date

5,000 new customers after 4 years with HIGHLIGHT

Better prepare, present and engage your sales meetings with your future customers

SAAS ideation, MVP creation in months. 1st month 1st sale

QHSE softwares that digitizes processes for a more efficient occupational risk prevention policy

4 innovation awards won most, awarded solution in their sector

1st independent and customer-centric insurance claims management platform

1M € raised after only 2 years with HIGHLIGHT